Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Drink Green Tea For Healthy Skin And Hair

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Well people drink green tea for weight loss. But apart from weight loss, drinking green tea also has many benefits. Nutrients present in green tea such as anti-oxidants are also beneficial for skin and hair. 

Drink Green Tea For Healthy Skin And Hair

Avoid drinking green tea on empty stomach. It can lead to acidity. Drink green tea one or two hours before meal. 

Do not drink sugar in green tea. This can increase weight. Do not mix honey in green tea. This reduces the nutrients of green tea. It is better to mix honey in lukewarm green tea.

Green tea contains anti-oxidants. This avoids pimples and other skin problems. Green tea contains vitamin C that increases shine of the skin.

Green tea contains tannin. This avoids dark circle. Green tea has polyphenols that makes hair black and thick.

Green tea contains anti-inflammatory properties. This makes new skin cells. This avoids wrinkles.

Green tea has vitamin E. This avoids dryness of skin and increases glow of the skin.

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