Monday, November 6, 2017

7 Health Benefits of Eating Chane Ki Bhaji In Winter

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Chane Ki Bhaji
There is not blood circulation due to lack of activity in the winter season. This increases the chances of many health problems. Grind chana bhaji and cook it with ginger and eat it with corn bread. Mix and eat it with fenugreek or spinach. It can be eaten with millet rotti or fenugreek paratha. Make chana bhaji adding ginger and garlic. This will reduce the feeling of coldness.

7 Health Benefits of Eating Chane Ki Bhaji In Winter

The chana bhaji has plenty of protein and calcium. This strengthens the muscles and bones.

The chana bhaji contains carbohydrates. This avoids weakness and gives plenty of energy.

The chana bhaji does not have cholesterol. This avoids heart diseases.

The chana bhaji has high amount of potassium. This controls BP.

The chana bhaji contains fibers. This avoids constipation problem and improves digestion.

The chana bhaji has copper and zinc. This increases shine of the skin. This makes hair black and thick.

The chana bhaji contains iron. This avoids from anemia.

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