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Stages of Piles, Causes and Treatments of Piles

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Due to the lifestyle and working conditions, many people are getting piles problems.

Stages of Piles, Causes and Solutions of Piles

Stage 1: This is the starting stage. There are no special signs in it. Many times the patient does not even know that he has problems with piles. The patient does not feel any particular pain. Just feel slight itching. There is a small amount of blood on the thrust. Piles are inside the anus.

Stage 2: When the toile rests, the wart starts coming out. It feels a bit more painful than the first stage and the force also starts bleeding.

Stage 3: This stage becomes slightly serious because the wart is on the outside of the anus. In this stage the patient feels very fast pain. Blood is more common with diarrhea.

Stage 4: This is much more advanced and serious position of stage 3. In it the wart hangs out of the anus. There is a lot of pain and blood goes out too. Chances increases in the spread of infection.

Constipation: The long term constipation, gas and acidity create piles.

Walking: Constantly working while sitting, take less walk or avoiding physical activity increases piles problem.

Pressure: Avoiding toilet for long time may increase the risk of piles.

Pregnancy: The constipation problem increases during pregnancy. This might create piles.

Unhealthy Diet: Oily food, spicy food, drinking less water and less fiber rich food may create piles problem.

Belt: Wearing tight belt creates constipation and gas. This also creates piles problem.

Inflammation in Uterus: The inflammation in uterus impacts on veins of anus. This might create piles problem.

Heavy Weight Lifting: This impact on anus. This weakens the veins and piles problem increases.

Commode: Sitting on western commode increases infection and piles problem.

Working Condition: Sitting on rexine and plastic chair for long time may create piles problem.

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