Monday, October 23, 2017

Natural Food Which Maintain Beauty

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It will be beneficial to use natural things to maintain your beauty. These things increase the brightness of the skin. Hair remains healthy.

Natural Food Which Maintain Beauty

Apply mixture of besan with turmeric. This increases glow of the skin.

Apply mixture of choker with yogurt and lemon juice on hands-legs. This reduces darkness of skin.

Prepare paste of oats, olive oil and water. Apply it on legs. This removes dead skin.

Prepare mixture of masur lentil, rose water, yogurt and apply it on face. This increases softness of the skin.

Apply coconut water with lemon juice on skin. This removes dead skin and increase shine of the face.

Mix olive oil in bathing water. This increases shine of the hair and face.

Grind the tomato and apply it on face. This makes skin soft and shiny.

Daily drink lemonade. This removes toxins from the body and increases shine of the skin.

Drink black tea twice in a day. This increases softness of skin.

Drink coconut water in a day. This increases shining of the skin and hair.

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