Monday, October 9, 2017

List of Foods That Are Damaging Your Liver

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Due to lifestyle and eating habits of nowadays, there can be many kinds of problems in the liver. The work of the liver is to filter the blood coming from the digestive tract before moving into the whole body. It also detoxifies the chemicals that come in the body.

List of Foods That Are Damaging Your Liver

Sugar: It contains fructose, which increase fat. The more consumption of fructose affects liver. Therefore, eat law sugar for healthy liver.

MSG: Monosodium glutamate is highly used in Chinese and packed food. This increase inflammation in liver. One might get cancer.

Soft Drinks: It has high amount of sugar. It contains artificial sweeteners such as secrene, which affects liver.

Trans Fat: Vegetable ghee or trans fat prepares from hydrogenated vegetable oils. This increases the risk of weight and liver damage.

Alcohol: The more alcohol damages alcohol. This might create inflammation or liver serosis problem.

Salt: Water deposited in liver due to high consumption of salt. This increase inflammation of liver.

Vitamin A: The high dose of vitamin A supplement creates toxins in the liver. The consumption of more than 10,000 IU in a day affects liver.

Junk Food: It has high amount of salt, oil, trans fat, sugar and preservatives. This affects liver.

Sauce-Pickle: It has high amount of salt, oil and preservative. This affects more on liver.

Food Supplement
: Food and herbal supplement contains such ingredients, which increase load on liver and affects liver.

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