Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Health Benefits Of Anjeer To Cure Nerves Weakness

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Having more tension, eating unhygienic food and doing more physical activity weaken the veins. Weakness of veins weakens the memory. Its negative effect is on brain power. Headache remains in the body when there is weakness. If this problem increases then there are frequent dizziness. Many times the darkness in front of eyes. Negative effect of the weakness of the nerves is on the stomach. This increases the pressure of constipation. 

Health Benefits Of Anjeer To Cure Nerves Weakness

Nerves Weakness
There is no enough sleep due to weakness. This makes the dullness all day. Due to weakness heartbeat increases or decreases. Because of this BP may be low or high. When the veins become weak then chances of anemia increase. If this problem is not taken care of in time, then the possibility of other diseases increases.

The soaked fig gives energy. It is also beneficial to drink milk with fig.

The mixture of fig with saunf is beneficial to reduce weakness of veins.

Soak almond, fig and raisin in water. Drinking this water in morning gives instant energy.

Drink milk with munakka. This avoids weakness of veins. It is also beneficial to drink munakka water.

Daily eat apple with honey. This gives energy.

The mixture of date with makhan gives energy. It is also beneficial to drink date milk.

Grind the black pepper and mix honey in it. The consumption of it reduces weakness. This also increases energy.

Daily eat one banana and drink milk. This gives energy.

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