Thursday, October 26, 2017

Check out Out Causes of Gas Problem and Home Remedies

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Not only unhygienic food but also waking up by late night and sleeping late can also causes gas problems. Apart from this, there are some special reasons for this problem to grow.

Check out Out Causes of Gas Problem and Home Remedies

Gas Problem
Acid level increase due to chewing food in hurry. This makes frequent gas problem.

Sleeping late night and wake up late in the morning creates gas in the body.

Stress and anger reduces the digestive system secretion. This increases gas problem.

Food cannot digest easily due to sitting work for long time. This might create gas problem.

Potato: It has high amount of starch. The more consumption of potato creates gas problem.

Beans: It has complex sugar raffinose. This takes more time to digest and creates gas.

Milk: It contains lactose, which takes more time to digest. This increases gas problem.

Cauliflower: Cabbage and cauliflower has high amount of raffinose. This increase gas problem.

Apple: It contains sorbitol, which is not easily digested in the body. This increase gas problem.

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