Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Benefits Of Raw Milk And 6 Food When Mix In Bath

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It is difficult to maintain your beauty due to irregular lifestyle. In this case, hair and skin can be cared for by following simple procedures. If you get some things in bath water then many beauty problems are removed.

Benefits Of Raw Milk And 6 Food When Mix In Bath

mix raw milk honey in bath water
Raw Milk: It contains anti-oxidants increase shine of the skin and hair. Mix two teaspoon milk in one bucket water.

Salt: It contains minerals and sodium. This makes skin color white and increase shine of the face. Mix one teaspoon salt in one bucket water.

Honey: It contains anti-bacterial properties. This increases glow of the skin. Mix one teaspoon honey in one bucket water.

Orange Peel: It contains vitamin C and anti-oxidants. This avoids sun tanning and increase shine of the hair. Mix one orange peel in one bucket water.

Baking Soda: It contains septic and anti-fungal properties. This removes itching, rashes and dandruff. Mix one teaspoon baking soda in one bucket water.

Olive Oil: It contains vitamin E, which makes skin soft and shiny. Mix half teaspoon olive oil in one bucket water.

Green Tea: It contains catechin, which makes skin glowing and hair becomes long. Mix one cup olive oil in one bucket water.

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