Monday, October 2, 2017

Benefits Of Onion To Cure Baldness

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In ayurveda, onion is considered a boon to remove every hair problem. If baldness is on the rise then start putting onion juice in the roots of the hair every day. This eliminates the hair fall problem and hair starts coming new.

Benefits Of Onion To Cure Baldness

Cure Baldness
How to Avoid: Applying three times onion juice in hair avoids baldness. This makes hair thick and long.

Benefits: Onion juice contains sulphur and minerals. The hair increase rapidly and avoids baldness.

What Benefits: Onion juice avoids baldness. The new hair comes. Onion juice is also beneficial to avoid white hair and dandruff.

How to Apply: Grind the onion. Squeeze its juice with hand. Apply it on hair root for half an hour and wash it. Then wash your hair with shampoo.

Avoid: Do not use onion, which keeps for long time. Do not intake baldness medicines without consulting a doctor.

The mixture of onion juice with honey avoids hair fall problem.

The mixture of onion juice with olive oil makes hair soft, silky and black.

The mixture of onion juice with coconut oil increases shine of the hair.

The mixture of fenugreek seed with onion juice avoids white hair.

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