Tuesday, October 3, 2017

7 Side Effects Of Green Tea - Must Read

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Usually green tea is beneficial for health. Nowadays, people like to drink green tea a few times a day, considering its benefits. Drinking more than three cups of green tea a day can lead to many health problems.

7 Side Effects Of Green Tea

Side Effects Of Green Tea
Heart Problem: Green tea contains caffeine, which increase or decrease heart beat. Therefore, if you are suffering with heart problem then avoid green tea.

Joint Pain: The absorption of calcium won’t occur in the body by drinking green tea. People suffering with joint pain or arthritis they should avoid green tea.

Diabetes: It contains high amount of anti-oxidants, which reduces the blood sugar level. Therefore, avoid drinking green tea.

Children: It contains tannin which restricts absorption of protein and fat in the body. This negatively impacts on children’s growth.

Anemia: It contains catechin, which cannot absorb iron properly. Therefore, anemia patient should avoid green tea.

Insomnia: It contains caffeine, which increase insomnia problem. Therefore, people suffering with insomnia they should avoid green tea.

Surgery: This thickens the blood. Therefore, patient who has done surgery they should avoid green tea. This might increase the problem.

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