Monday, October 16, 2017

7 Benefits Of Chana With Shahad

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There are several benefits of having gram. However, the health benefits are increasing if you mix honey in it. Gram and honey contains such nutrients, which avoids many diseases. One can eat gram with rock salt and black pepper. It is also beneficial to drink gram water. 

7 Health Benefits Of Chana With Shahad

Chana With Shahad
Use gram in salad. You can mix it in sprout and boil kabuli gram. Soaked gram has lysteria bacteria, which may create food poisoning. Therefore, mix honey after bake it. Raw gram may have salmonella bacteria and typhi bacteria. This may create infection and increase the risk of typhoid. Therefore, boil the gram or cooked it in microwave.

The mixture of black gram with honey reduces cholesterol level. This avoids heart problem.

The mixture of black gram with honey removes toxins from the body. This avoids kidney problem.

This mixture has protein. It toned the muscles and body becomes strong.

The black gram and honey has fibers. This removes constipation and improves digestion.

The mixture of black gram and honey controls blood sugar level. This avoids diabetes.

Gram and honey contains iron. This avoids anemia.

Gram and honey has calcium and phosphorus. This strengthens the teeth and bones.

The soaked gram gets bacteria. Therefore, fry the gram in less oil or bake it and mix honey in it.

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