Friday, September 15, 2017

Side Effects of Drinking high Amount of Tea

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According to the University of Glasgow’s research, drinking tea more than three cups a day can cause health damage. Therefore, those who drink more than tea should reduce its quality.

Side Effects of Drinking high Amount of Tea

- Tea contains caffeine. The high consumption of tea increase nervousness and discomfort.

- Tea contains tannin and tylin. This might create indigestion and stomach problem may increases.

- Tea has high amount of fluoride. This might weaken the bones.

- Tea contains phytochemicals. Drinking more tea reduces sleep.

- Tea contains caffeine, which may become addiction. One gets headache, fatigue and dullness when they do not get tea.

- Drinking hot tea damage the vein from mouth to stomach. This might create cancer.

- Drinking more than 5 cup of tea increases urine 400-500%. There would be more pressure on kidney and one might face kidney problem.

- Drinking more tea increases urination. Therefore, the necessary minerals such as sodium, potassium come out from the body and one get weakness.

- Tea contains caffeine, which increases urine problem. This removes water from the body and one might face dehydration.

- Tea contains aluminum toxins. This might create skin problem such as pimples or rashes.

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