Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Health Benefits & Side Effects Of Green Tea

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Green tea contains such nutrients that protect against many health problems. Therefore, diet expert recommends drinking three cups of green tea daily.

Health Benefits & Side Effects Of Green Tea

Green Tea
This removes toxins from the body. This avoids kidney and liver problem.

The consumption of green tea controls blood sugar level. This avoids diabetes.

The consumption of green tea reduces cholesterol level. This avoids heart problem.

Green tea contains amino acids. Drinking green tea increases mind power.

Green tea contains anti-ageing elements. This avoids wrinkles.

Green tea contains phosphorus. This strengthens teeth and avoids gum problem.

Green tea contains anti-cancer elements. This avoids cancer.

Green tea contains caffeine. Do not drink with empty stomach. One might face indigestion.

Green tea has tannin, which creates acidity. Therefore, do not drink more than 3 cups of green tea.

Do not drink green tea after having meal. This avoids absorption of iron in the body. This reduces chances of anemia. Drink green tea after one hour of meal.

Do not drink green tea at night. It contains caffeine, which creates insomnia.

The anti-oxidants reduce if you use more than six month old green tea. Therefore, do not store it for long time.

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