Thursday, September 21, 2017

Health Benefits Of Sprouted Moong

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Sprouted moong contains iron, fibers and protein, which are beneficial for health. The moong khichdi is beneficial to improve digestion. This avoids stomach problem. The moong water reduces weakness. The mixture of fenugreek with moong avoids anemia. The mixture of other lentil with moong provides enough amount of protein.

Health Benefits Of Sprouted Moong

Sprouted Moong
It has low amount of calorie. This controls weight.

Sprouted moong contains anti-inflammatory property. This strengthens the bones.

Sprouted moong contains fiber. This avoids constipation and improves digestion.

Sprouted moong contains protein. This strengthens the muscles.

Sprouted moong has polyphenols and avoids serious problem such as cancer.

Sprouted moong has vitamin C. This avoids weakness and gives plenty of energy.

Sprouted moong contains lysteria bacteria. The raw sprouted moong may create food poisoning. Therefore, eat it fried.

Raw sprouted moong has salmonella bacteria. This might create infection. Therefore, boil the sprouts before eating.

Sprouted moong contains e coli bacteria might create urine infection. Therefore, light fry it in less oil.

Raw sprouts contain salmonella tifi bacteria increase risk of typhoid. Therefore, bake it in microwave.

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