Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Health Benefits of Quiting Cigarette Smoking

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Despite knowing the loss of cigarette smoking, most people have made it habit. There are more than 200 types of toxic elements in addition to nicotine in cigarette. Elements present in cigarette harm our organ in our bodies. Cigarette drinkers lose their sperm count and quality.

Health Benefits of Quitting Cigarette Smoking

Quit Smoking
Fertility: Sperm count and fertility become weak of cigarette drinkers. Fertility will increase if you give up the smoking.

Aging: Cigarette boosts the process of aging by increasing oxidation in the body. If you stop smoking, you will be protected from this.

Detox: There are more than 200 toxins in cigarettes. On leaving, they will not be stored and body will be detox.

Cancer: People who smoke cigarettes increase the risk of cancer. If they left out, the danger will be reduced by 50%.

Brain: Leaving the cigarette will reduce the carbon monoxide in the body and increase the oxygen level and brain become healthy.

Skin Disease: Leaving cigarette increases the circulation of blood and oxygen in the skin. This protect against skin disease.

Lungs & Heart: In a few years of leaving cigarettes, the risk of heart attack and lung cancer will decrease by 50%.

Lips & Teeth: Cigarette drinkers have black lips and teeth. With the release of smoking, gradually their color will start getting better.

Stamina: Stamina of cigarette drinkers decreases. They easily get fatigue. By leaving, the stamina will start increasing.

BP: Smoking increases BP and heart beat. After leaving the cigarette, both BP and Heart Beat will start getting normal.

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