Saturday, September 16, 2017

Benefits Of Okra, Health Benefits Of Bhindi

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Okra has many health benefits. It is widely used in India, Caribbean and Chinese dishes. It is beneficial to avoid cancer and heart problem.

Benefits Of Okra, Health Benefits Of Bhindi

Heart Attack: Okra contains pectin and potassium. This controls cholesterol level. It also avoids heart attack problem.

Cancer: It contains anti-oxidants, which avoids serious problem such as cancer.

How to eat: Eat vegetable of Okra. Soak in water for overnight. Drink this water morning. It is very beneficial.

Avoid: Do not deep fry Okra. This increases cholesterol level and one might face heart problem.

Caution: Always eat fresh, thin and soft Okra. Do  not eat hard Okra.

When not to eat: It has high amount of oxyelites. Those who are suffering with kidney problem they should avoid having Okra.

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