Monday, September 11, 2017

8 Tips For Healthy Stomach

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Due to busy life, we do many activities throughout the day due to which the stomach gets worse. This causes problems like ulcer, constipation or acidity. To avoid this problem, we must take care of certain things.

8 Tips For Healthy Stomach

Healthy Stomach
Water: Drink 8-10 glasses of water during a day. This removes waste from the body. It controls acidity and constipation.

Fiber Diet: Daily includes green leafy vegetables, sprouts, salad, juicy and lube fruits in your diet. This contains fibers, which protects stomach from spoilage.

Gap & Eat: Do not eat day meal at one time. Eat it in 2-3 hours gap. This digest food easily and stomach won’t spoilage.

High Fat: Avoid having high fat meat such as beef or mutton. It contains fat, which is not easily digesting. The less consumption of it avoids stomach problem.

Alcohol: Avoid smoking, cigarette and alcohol. This controls stomach ulcer and heart burn problem.

Stress: Blood circulation improves by reducing stress. This improves digestion. This also controls constipation and acidity problem.

Meal: Daily take breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. This digests food easily. This controls constipation problem.

Exercise: Daily do exercise or take walk for 30 minutes. This improves metabolism and digestion.

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