Monday, September 18, 2017

7 Skin Care Tips For Men

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Usually, men cannot give time on their skin. This increases pimple, wrinkles, dry skin or oily skin problem. There are some tips which can be beneficial to make skin soft and glowing.

7 Skin Care Tips For Men

Skin Care Tips
Scrub: Do scrub on face twice a week. This removes dead cells from the face and skin gets glow.

Cold Water: Regularly wash your face with cold water. This removes sweat, oil and dust from the face. This also controls pimple problem.

Apply moisturizer on face after taking bath or clean your face. This removes wrinkles and dry skin.

Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen on face before going out in any season. This protects the skin from ultraviolet rays of sun and it cannot damage the skin.

Avoid Soap: The more use of soap increases dryness on the face. Therefore, use shower gel. This gives proper moisturizer to the skin.

Face Mask
: Use fruit mask or Multani mud twice in a week. This avoids the risk of skin infection.

Cover the Face: Cover your face before going in sunlight or polluted place. This controls tanning and skin infection problem.

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