Wednesday, September 20, 2017

6 Signs Of Healthy Hair - Ayurvedic Upay

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Hair fall, dry hair and dandruff occur due to unhealthy diet, chemical use and improper care of hair. Many times, we cannot know that our hair is healthy or not.

6 Signs Of Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair
Hair Growth: If the hair growth is between 1 or 1.25 sm then your hair is healthy.

Flexibility: The flexibility of hair is the symptom of healthy hair. This hair does not break when you move it and it becomes straight when you leave it.

Soft Hair: If the hair is soft and silky then they are healthy. Hair becomes soft if it gives proper nutrients such as protein, calcium and iron.

Shiny Hair: If the hair is shiny then it is the sign of healthy hair. Hair becomes shiny if they get necessary nutrients.

Moisture: If there is moisture in hair then they are healthy. If there is moisture in hair then hair gets good growth.

Low Hair Fall: If there are 100 hair fall occurs in a day and one gets similar amount of hair growth then hair is healthy. One should take treatment if more hair fall occurs.

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