Tuesday, September 12, 2017

10 Negative Health Effects Of Acidity

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Acidity is often considered normal problem. But if this problem persists, then it should be ignored. It may create many other types of health problems.

10 Negative Health Effects Of Acidity

Peptic Ulcer: Acidity impacts on stomach and small intestines. This increases the risk of peptic ulcer.

Cancer: The continuous acidity increases the risk of esophagus cancer.

Throat Infection: Acidity damages the food pipe tissue. Therefore, the risk of throat infection increases. One gets pain while swallowing the food.

Chest Pain: Many times acid reach to the food pipe in acidity. There would be chest pain due to it.

Stomach Pain: There would be starching in food pipe due to acidity. One gets pain in the upper part of the chest.

Fatigue: Muscles become weak due to acidity. This increases fatigue and weakness.

Cavity: The upper part of the teeth becomes weak due to acidity. This creates cavity in the teeth.

Cough: Acidity weakens the muscles below the food pipe. When acid comes our through mouth then one might suffer with cough.

Vomiting: When food not digests properly then acidity occurs. One might face vomiting problem.

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