Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What Do Your Eyes Say About Your Health?

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Many times we ignore the problem of small issues of eyes. But these problems later take the form of major diseases. There are many diseases whose signs we get from the eyes. If at the right time, identify these and treatments are taken, then these diseases can be controlled.

What Do Your Eyes Say About Your Health?

Eyes Say About Your Health
Brain Tumor: Change of eyes color, unclear vision, headache, fatigue and weakness might the symptom of brain tumor.

Cataract: White pupil is the symptom of cataract. This increases the risk of weak lense of eyes.

Jaundice: The yellow eyes are the symptom of jaundice. This affects the liver, blood become yellow, weakness and indigestion problem also occurs.

Heart Disease: There would be spots on eyelids due to increase level of cholesterol. This might be the symptom of heart disease.

Anemia: The complete white skin is the symptom of anemia or lack of blood in the body. This creates fatigue, weakness, breathing problem and chest pain.

Conjunctivitis: The red eyes are the symptom of conjunctivitis. This creates conjunctivitis, infection or allergy problem.

Thyroid: The inflammation of eyes or feeling outside eyes is the symptom of thyroid. This might create irritation in eyes.

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