Saturday, August 19, 2017

Protein Rich Food That Increase Power Of Man

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Generally people believe that protein rich foods are beneficial for men’s strong muscles. But these proteins rich foods contain not only strengthen muscles but also get many benefits.

Protein Rich Food That Increase Power Of Man

Protein Rich Food
Egg: This strengthens the muscles. Shining of the face increases. One egg contains 6 gm protein.

Soya Bean: This increases fertility and reduces weakness. 100 gm soya bean contains 39 gm protein.

Horse Gram: This improves digestion. Also, it increases beauty. 100 gm horse gram contains 25 gm protein.

Cheese: It is beneficial for six packs. This strengthens the teeth. 100 gm cheese contains 32 gm protein.

Sesame: It makes skin color white. This increases smartness. 100 gm sesame contains 26 gm protein.

Peanut: This avoids heart attack. It is beneficial for strong body. 100 gm peanut contains 24 gm protein.

Green Gram: It avoids hair fall and increases stamina. 100 gm green gram contains 24 gm protein.

Pumpkin Seed: It increases sperm count and controls weight. 100 gm pumpkin seed contains 30 gm protein.

Rajma: It increases memory and avoids baldness. 100 gm rajma contains 24 gm protein.

White Chickpea: This increases glow of the face and gives energy to the body. 100 gm white chickpea contains 19 gm protein.

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