Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Number One Formula To Burn Body Fat Faster

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Extra fat in the body decrease the look of the body. One faces many health problems. This fat cannot be easily reduced.

Number One Formula To Burn Body Fat Faster

fat burn
Requirements: Take 100 gm turmeric, 100 gm cinnamon, 200 gm fenugreek seed, 100 gm black cumin, 50 gm saunth, 100 gm kalonji and 20 gm black pepper.

Method: Grind all the above stuff in grinder and prepare its powder. Keep this powder in clean glass bottle.

Consumption: Mix one teaspoon apple sider vinegar in lukewarm water. Take this powder one teaspoon with this water in morning-evening.


Obesity: The regular consumption of this powder slowly removes fat from the body. This reduces obesity.

Diabetes: This formula balances sugar level and controls increased sugar in the body. This avoids diabetes.

Skin: This removes toxins from the body. This makes skin shiny and avoids normal diseases.

Anti-aging: This formula contains anti-oxidants element, which reduces the process of ageing. This keeps you young for long time.

Healthy Hair & Kidney: This removes toxins, which impact on liver and kidney, from the body. Therefore, this organs remains healthy.

Digestion: This formula improves digestion. This avoids gas, constipation, acidity and khatti Dakar problem.

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