Saturday, August 26, 2017

Healthy Tips While Drinking Tea

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People drink tea every day. But tea is how much beneficial or loss they do not know.

Healthy Tips While Drinking Tea

Drinking Tea
Do not mix tea leaves, milk and sugar together to prepare tea. First boil water then mix tea leaves following milk.

Boil tea water only once. If you boil tea more than three minutes then oxygen decreases in water. The tea test will be bad.

Always put tea leaves in boil water. This maintains tea flavor and color.

Do not drink tea, which is kept for half an hour. This might create indigestion.

Do not use tea leaves again. This increases stomach problem.

Drinking tea with empty stomach in morning creates acidity. Therefore, one should drink tea after having some food.

Do not keep tea leaves in glass bottle. The tea leaves remain in light and the freshness of tea leaves decrease.

Do not drink after having your meal. Tea contains fenolic compound, which absorb the iron. Therefore, the chances of anemia increases.

Do not drink tea after having medicines. Tea contains tannin, which reduces the effect of medicines.

There is no need for more temperature to boil the normal or black tea. Therefore, use only iron tea pot.

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