Monday, August 14, 2017

Health Tips to Prevent From Urine Problem

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Even small problems relating to urine may also keep you upset for a long time. Chances of serious health problems increase if it not treated during the time.

Health Tips to Prevent From Urine Problem

Prevent From Urine Problem
Requirement: It requires lemon and honey.

How to Drink: Boil one glass of water. Mix lemon juice in it. Lukewarm it and mix honey in it. Daily drink it.

Benefit: It contains anti-oxidants and alkalide. The regular consumption of this drink avoids urine infection and urine related other problems.

Other Remedy: Daily drink green tea. This removes toxins from the body. Drink plenty of water. It is extremely beneficial to drink coconut water daily.

What Else
: Take care of your hygiene. Flush before you urine in public place.

Avoid: Do not hold the urine for long run. Take care of the toilet cleanliness. Do not drink more than three cup of tea or coffee.

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