Friday, August 18, 2017

Health Benefits To Putting Ghee On Naval

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All body parts are connected by navel. It is enough to put two drops of healthy food like ghee daily in the navel. This saves many diseases. Many of these health problems are fine with this therapy. It is also beneficial in enhancing beauty as well.

Health Benefits To Putting Ghee On Naval

Ghee On Naval
Applying it in navel maintains moisture on the skin. This increases fairness.

This removes dryness of skin and increases shine of the face.

This avoids hair fall. This also increases shining of the hair.

It is beneficial in avoiding knee pain. This avoids joint pain.

It is beneficial to avoid pimples of the face. It also removes stains.

Applying ghee on navel is beneficial to cure torn lips.

It is beneficial to cure stomach problem. This avoids constipation.

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