Thursday, August 17, 2017

Health Benefits of Panchamrut

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On the occasion of Krishna Janmasthmi, makhan, mishri, and dhania are offered to lord Krishna. This dainty has religious significance and health benefits.

Health Benefits of Panchamrut

Panchamrut: It contains nutritious elements such as honey and milk. It is anti-bacterial and avoids infection.

Coconut: It contains fiber, vitamin, potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is beneficial for brain. It is also helpful for weight loss.

Makhan-Mishri: Makhan is very healthy and provides energy. Mishri provides energy. This gives energy and avoids allergy. It is also beneficial to avoid anemia.

Coriander Panjeeri: Panjeeri is made by frying coriander in pure ghee. It is very healthy. It contains dry fruits, which makes them very healthy. This controls blood sugar and cholesterol. It also avoids infection.

Fruits: Usually, banana, apple and seasonal fruits are offered in dainty. Fruits contain fiber, vitamins, natural sugar and minerals, which are beneficial for health.

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