Saturday, August 5, 2017

Grooming Tips For Man To Improve Personality

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Men can try some extraordinary remedies to refine your personality. This will have their positive impression. This avoids sweat problem.

Grooming Tips For Man To Improve Personality

Grooming Tips For Man
Daily eat one egg. This contains zinc and copper, which avoids baldness.

Daily drink bottle gourd juice. This improves metabolism and avoids obesity.

Grind kalonji and prepare its paste. Mix yogurt and rose water in it. This removes darkness.

Mix olive oil with amla powder. Apply it on moustache. This increase its hair.

Prepare paste of turmeric, besan and honey. Rub it when it dry. This removes unwanted hair.

Soak black sesame in water and prepare its paste. This removes makes hair black.

Mix cucumber juice in honey. Apply it under eyes. This removes dark circle and increases smartness.

Apply mixture of besan with yogurt on legs. This open skin pore and avoids sweat odor.

Apply red wine through cotton on face. This removes pimples and acne. This also increase glow of the face.

Grind the green tea leaves. Mix yogurt and lemon juice in it. This avoids dandruff.

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