Thursday, August 31, 2017

Food That Reduce Fairness, It Can Cause Dark Complexion

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If you eat a lot of things then the color of the face is dark. These things tend to shrink blood vessels. It has a negative effect on skin cells and increases the flexibility.

Food That Reduce Fairness, It Can Cause Dark Complexion

Food That Reduce Fairness
Coffee: Do not drink more than 3 cups of coffee. This contains caffeine, which increases stress hormone cortisol. This makes dark complexion.

Sugar: Avoid too much sweet. This increases blood sugar level, which damage the skin tissue such as collagen. Therefore, fairness decreases.

White Bread: This increases insulin level therefore, oil production increases and fairness decreases in skin.

Spicy Food: This increases body temperature therefore, blood vessels spread and darkness increases.

Orange Juice: It doesn’t have fibers therefore, blood circulation decreases and darkness increases.

Alcohol: It is diuretic. Urine increases due to consumption of alcohol and there would be lack of moisture in the body. This affects the skin tissue and darkness increases.

Sea Food: It has iodine. The more consumption of sea food closes the skin pores. Therefore, skin color decreases.


Pomegranate: It has anti-oxidants. This increases fairness and skin gets glow.

Almond: It has omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E. This avoids darkness and wrinkles.

Banana: It has potassium and vitamin E. This avoids darkness.

Yogurt: It contains lactic acid. This makes skin color white and increases softness of skin.

Spinach: This removes toxins from the body. This also increases skin color and glow of the skin.

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