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Food In Thyroid That Can Cause Serious Health Problem

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One of the endocrine glands found in thyroid body. The butterfly shaped gland present in the neck creates the thyroid hormone. It maintains energy level, heart rate, blood pressure, mood and metabolism in the body. There are two types of thyroid.

Food In Thyroid That Can Cause Serious Health Problem

Hypothyroidism: It is quite common. Its greatest symptom is weight gain. It cannot be fully cured. It can be simply controlled.

Hyperthyroidism: In this condition, weight loss occurs. It can be completely cured after having a proportionate treatment from doctor’s advice.

Soya Product: It contains phytoestrogen. This increases hypothyroidism problem.

Coffee: It contains caffeine; therefore thyroxin medicine cannot be absorbed.

Oily & Fatty Food: It has high amount of calorie, which increases hypothyroidism.

Sweet Product: This impact on metabolism of the body. This increase hypothyroidism.

Cauliflower & Broccoli
: It decreases the iodine absorption capacity of normal thyroid function.

Sea Food: It contains iodine, which increases hypothyroidism problem.

Refined Food
: This disturb the hormone level in blood and sugar. This increase problem.

Milk: Milk and dairy products increases hypothyroidism.

Red Meat
: This increases inflammation occurs from hypothyroidism.

: This reduces energy level and increases hypothyroidism problem.

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