Thursday, August 3, 2017

Drink One Glass Of Milk With Fennel Seeds

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If you drink half a teaspoon of fennel in milk instead of drinking plain milk every day, you can avoid many diseases. Both milk and fennel have nutrients, which protect against many diseases. Mix half teaspoon fennel in one glass milk and boil it. Filter it and drink it.

Drink One Glass Of Milk With Fennel Seeds

Milk With Fennel Seeds
It contains calcium. This strengthens muscles and avoids joint pain.

It increases metabolism of the body. This drink controls weight and avoids obesity.

This drink contains anti-bacterial properties. It cures pimples and increases shine of the face.

It contains aspartic acid. This is beneficial in constipation and acidity. This improves digestion.

It contains flavonoids. This keeps eyes healthy. This avoids eye problem such as cataract.

It balances cholesterol level. This avoids heart problem.

This mixture removes toxins from the body. This avoids urine infection.

This drink has high amount of potassium. It controls BP.

This drink contains iron. It avoids anemia.

It contains anti-carcinogenic elements. This avoids cancer.

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