Friday, August 4, 2017

Ayurvedic Upay to Get Fairness in Your Skin

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Everyone wants fare and healthy skin, but for this the cost of expensive creams and medicines leads to damage rather than benefit many times.

Top 10 Formulae Which Can Change Your Skin

Fairness in Your Skin
Coconut: It contains electrolytes, which increases fairness of skin. Eat raw coconut with mishri in morning-evening. Apply raw coconut cream on face before bath.

Almond: It has vitamins and skin whitening compounds. Soak 3-4 almonds for overnight and eat it in morning. Use almond paste as face pack. You can also almond oil to massage on face.

Saffron: Its safranal oil is beneficial for skin. Drink lukewarm milk with saffron before bed. Apply milk mixing saffron on face.

Papaya: It has beneficial vitamins and anti-oxidants. Eat ripe papaya morning-evening. Apply ripe papaya paste on face regularly.

Carrot: It has beneficial carotene and vitamin C. Use carrot in salad and meal. Drink carrot juice daily. Also, apply carrot juice on face regularly.

Banana: It has vitamin A, B, E and health minerals. Eat one banana every morning-evening. Regularly apply ripe banana with honey on face.

Soya Milk: It has healthy vitamin C and zinc. Regularly drink soya milk. You can also wash your face with soya milk.

Beetroot: It contains nutrients, which increases fairness of skin. Regularly drink beetroot juice. You can also use beetroot juice as face pack.

Orange: It contains vitamin C, which makes skin fair and young. Daily drink orange juice and eat orange. Use orange peel powder as face pack on your face.

Fennel: It is anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant. Daily eat little fennel after meal. Wash your face with lukewarm fennel water. Use fennel as tonner and apply fennel paste on your face.

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