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10 Effective Health Tips For Married Couple

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Married people need to include things that will help them to live well. These foods are beneficial for men and women.

10 Effective Health Tips For Married Couple

Married Couple
Honey Milk: It has anti-oxidants, calcium and fibers. This increases sperm count and improves digestion. Daily drink one glass milk with honey before bed.

Pomegranate: It has folic acid and anti-oxidants. This helps to women for conceive. Eat pomegranate and drink its juice.

Date Milk: It contains anti-oxidants and minerals. This increases stamina and removes dullness. Daily drink date milk or eat five date before bed.

Gram Water: It contains iron, protein and fibers. This removes weakness and gives energy. It is beneficial to drink with empty stomach.

Egg: It contains fibers, folate and omega 3 fatty acids. This controls weight and avoids infertility. Daily eat one egg.

Banana: It contains vitamin B and potassium. This avoids heart problem and keeps energetic. Daily eat one banana or drink its juice.

Almond: It contains anti-oxidants and vitamin E. This keeps mind calm and increases beauty. Soaked almond in water and eat it. You can also drink almond milk.

Coconut Water
: It has electrolytes. This increases stamina and gives energy. Drink it normal or you can also mix lemon juice in it.

Soya Bean: It has calcium and protein. This strengthens the bones and muscles. Prepare its vegetable and you can also mix sprouts in it.

Black Tea
: It has fibers and potassium. This controls BP and avoids obesity. Mix honey instead of sugar in black tea and drink it.

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