Friday, July 7, 2017

Proven Side Effects Of Honey - Ayurvedic Upay

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Well honey is beneficial for everyone. But if you eat more honey, then this increases the chances of many health problems.

Proven Side Effects Of Honey

honey side effects
Weight: Honey has high amount of calorie. This increases the possibility of weight gain.

Constipation: Honey has high amount of fibers therefore, constipation occurs and digestion disturbs.

Diabetes: The consumption of honey increases blood sugar level. Therefore, the risk of diabetes increases.

Food Poisoning: Bacterial easily occurs in honey. Therefore, food poisoning occurs.

Teeth: Honey has high amount of acid. The more consumption of honey affects the tooth.

Energy: Honey becomes through pollen. Therefore, the risk of energy increases.

Liver Problem: Honey has high amount of fructose, which increases liver problem.

Blood Pressure: Honey has oligosaccharides, which reduces blood pressure level. Therefore, BP might decreases.

Diarrhea: Honey has high amount of glucose than fructose. Body cannot absorb it easily and the risk of diarrhea increases.

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