Tuesday, July 18, 2017

List of Healthy Food For Black And Healthy Hair

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Nowadays due to irregular lifestyle and bad habits of catering, the hair starts to become white in young age. The color of the hair is determined by a pigment found in a body called melanin. With its deficiency, hair color becomes white.

List of Healthy Food For Black And Healthy Hair

Healthy Food For Black hair
Egg: It contains iron and zinc. The daily consumption of egg makes hair black. It is also beneficial to apply in the root of hair.

Lemon: It contains high amount of vitamin C, which strengthens the hair. This makes hair black.

Onion: It contains sulphur. Applying onion juice in hair once in a month makes hair black. The consumption of onion also makes hair healthy.

Almond: It contains omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E. Daily, the consumption of handful almond makes hair black and thin.

Amla: The mixture of lemon juice with amla powder makes hair black. Daily consumption of one amla makes hair black and avoids white hair.

Banana: It has calcium and minerals. Daily consumption of one banana makes hair black.

Black Sesame: Soak black sesame in water for few minutes. This makes hair black in ageing.

Papaya: Prepare raw papaya paste. This makes hair black.

Gram: It has high amount protein. This increase darkness of hair and keeps it healthy.

Fenugreek: The yogurt with fenugreek makes hair black. This also increases shine of the hair.

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