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Healthy Food For Weight Loss According To Ayurved

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In ayurveda, some tips are being used to reduce obesity for many years. This reduces the weight and also decreases fat. In ayurveda, these things are also sued in the treatment of many diseases. One should eat slowly and chew the food. Eat light food like khichdi or porridge at night. Do not keep the attention anywhere while eating food. Weight increases due to cough in the body. Therefore, avoid such food, which increases cough.

Healthy Food For Weight Loss According To Ayurved

Healthy Food For Weight Loss According To Ayurved
Amla: The amla powder with turmeric reduces obesity and avoids heart diseases.

Lemon: The lemon juice with bitter gourd juice reduces weight and avoids constipation.

Aloe Vera Juice: The aloe vera juice with cucumber juice reduces obesity and beneficial for skin and hair.

Saunf: The saunf with mishri reduces fat around the belly and avoids heart diseases.

Honey: The honey with lemon juice reduces obesity and avoids stomach problems.

Tulsi: The Tulsi juice with yogurt reduces weight. This increases shine of the hair.

Celery: The cumin with black peeper and celery is beneficial for weight loss. This sharpens the memory.

Neem Leaves (Curry Pata): The paste of curry pata with tomato juice reduces obesity and improves digestion.

Mint: Mint juice with rock salt controls weight and increases beauty.

Buttermilk: Buttermilk with black salt reduces obesity and avoids dehydration.

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