Thursday, July 6, 2017

Health Benefits Of Chane Ka Pani/ Chickpea Water

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Usually people throw the water in which gram is soaked. Instead of throwing this water, you can drink it, which avoid many diseases.

Health Benefits Of Chane Ka Pani/ Chickpea Water

Chickpea Water
Gram water contains iron. The consumption of gram water reduces weakness and gives plenty of energy.

Gram water reduces cholesterol level. This avoids heart problem.

Gram water contains protein. This strengthens the muscles.

Gram water controls blood sugar level. This avoids diabetes.

Gram water has high amount of fibers. This increases metabolism and reduces weight.

Gram water contains vitamin B6. This increases mind power and increases the memory.

Gram water contains zinc and copper. This avoids hair fall and increases glow of the skin.

Gram water has diuretic properties. This avoids urine problem.

Gram water contains phosphorus. This strengthens the teeth and avoids gum problem.

Gram water has phytonutrients. This avoids serious health problem such as cancer.

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