Monday, July 3, 2017

Health Benefits Of 8 Food To Soaked In Water

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Usually people eat soaked chana and almond. However, there are other foods, which can be soaked.

Health Benefits Of 8 Food To Soaked In Water

Food To Soaked In Water
Cumin: It contains potassium. This is beneficial in heart disease. It also controls BP.

Raisin: It improves blood circualtion. This avoids heart problem. It is beneficial for skin.

Fenugeek: It contains phosphrous. This strenghens the teeth and bones.

Poppy Seed: It contais alkelides. This is beneficial in joint pain. This avoids kidney problem.

Linseed: It has protein and iron. This is beneficial for toneed muslces. It also avoids anemia.

Munakka: This improves blood circulation. It increases glow of the skin and controls BP.

Moong: It contains phytic acid. This avoids kidney problem and improves digestion.

Saunf: It contains dieuretic properties. This avoids urine problem.

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