Thursday, July 27, 2017

Food That Is Slow Poison For Health

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According to study by World Cancer Research fund and American Cancer Center, more salty things increases risk of cancer of the stomach. Also, many diseases occur due to high salt. Many foods are slow poison. The excessive amount of these things can be caused serious diseases.

Food That Is Slow Poison For Health

Sugar: This reduces glycogen amount in liver. The more consumption of sugar increases obesity, fatigue, migraine, asthma and wrinkles.

Salt: It has high amount of sodium. This reduces the risk of high BP, cancer and heart attack.

Maida: It doesn’t have fiber. This increases indigestion. Maida contains bleaching agents, which creates heart problem.

Cold Drink
: It contains sugar and phosphoric acid. The high consumption of cold drink may create heart problem. This weakens memory.

Fast Food: It contains monosodium glutamate. This increases obesity. This also increases risk of heart problem and Alzheimer.

Uncooked Potatoes: It has glycoalkaloids. This increases the chances of diarrhea, headache or migraine.

Mushroom: Raw mushroom contains carcinogenic compounds. This reduces the risk of cancer. Therefore, one should boil mushroom before having it.

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