Friday, July 21, 2017

Egg Beneficial Or Harmful, Know About Eggs

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The egg is called complete diet. Therefore, diet experts advise people of all ages to include eggs in their diet.

Egg Beneficial Or Harmful, Know About Eggs


Egg contains protein. This tones the muscles. It is very beneficial for six pack.

Egg contains amino acids. This increases stamina and reduces weakness.

Egg has low amount of calorie. This controls weight.

Egg contains calcium and vitamin D. This strengthens the muscles.

Egg contains omega 3 fatty acids. This increases fertility.

Egg contains vitamins B12. This increases mind power and sharpen the memory.

Egg has selenium copper. This increase shining of the skin and thickens the hair.

Side Effects

Egg has high amount of protein. The high consumption of egg might creates kidney problem.

Egg has high amount of sulphur. This might create allergy.

The half cooked egg and its peel has salmonella bacteria. This increases the risk of food poisoning.

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