Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Beauty Benefits Of Methidana With Raw Milk

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Grind fenugreek and make powder. Beauty related many problems are removed by applying it in skin or hair. Mixing fenugreek with raw milk on face increases skin glow and fairness. It contains zinc and copper. It makes skin white. The problem of hair fall removes. 

Beauty Benefits Of Methidana With Raw Milk

Fenugreek has anti-fungal properties. It is beneficial in rashes and itching. Fenugreek contains anti-inflammatory properties. It avoids skin problems such as inflammation and pimples. Fenugreek has anti-bacterial properties. Grind it and put in the roots of hair. It removes dandruff.

How to use: Grind the fenugreek seeds. Mix raw milk in it and apply it on face for 15 minutes. Wash it with water.

Benefit: This increases glow of the skin. One gets glow of the face in one month.

How many times: Apply it four times in a week. You get glow on your skin in a month.

Why beneficial: Fenugreek seed contains anti-oxidants. This removes dead skin and increases shine of the face. Also, the glow of the skin increases.

Cautions: Do not apply fenugreek seed more than half an hour. If you are suffering with skin problems then consult skin specialist before using it.

- Grind fenugreek seed removes stains from the face.

- Fenugreek seeds make skin soft and shiny.

- Fenugreek seeds with yogurt remove extra oil from the face.

- Fenugreek avoids hair fall.

- Fenugreek seed with yogurt is beneficial to avoid dandruff.

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