Friday, July 28, 2017

10 Beauty And Health Benefits Of Black Tea

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There are several benefits of drinking black tea. However, there are several benefits if you apply it on skin. This contains anti-oxidants and nutrients, which removes many beauty problems.

10 Beauty And Health Benefits Of Black Tea

Black Tea
Keep cotton in black tea and apply it on skin. This increases fairness of skin.

Applying black tea on skin increases shine of the skin.

Black tea is beneficial to remove pimples. This removes stains from the face.

Black tea can be used as after shave lotion. Use it after shaving.

Keep black tea bag on dark circles. This removes dark circles.

Black tea contains potassium. This avoid heart problem.

Black tea contains anti-oxidants. This reduces weight.

Black tea controls blood sugar level. This avoids diabetes.

Black tea contains fluoride, which strengthens the teeth.

Black tea increases immunity of the body. This avoids cold-cough.

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