Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Healthy Nuts Specially For Men

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Nuts are very good for men’s health. check out how it helps you (especially men's health) in daily life.

Healthy Nuts Specially For Men

Healthy Nuts
Almond: It contains fibers, vitamin E and selenium. This reduces weight and increase smartness.

Walnut: It contains omega 3 fatty acids, zinc and selenium. This increases sperm count and body remains strong.

Cashew: It contains protein, copper and zinc. This strengthens the muscles and increase fertility.

Raisin: It contains glucose, fructose and anti-bacterial properties. This reduces weakness and removes pimples.

Peanut: It contains protein, vitamin B6 and anti-oxidants. This is good for biceps and sharpens the memory.

Date: It contains glucose, zinc and flavonoids. This increases stamina and avoids baldness.

Fig: It contains zinc, magnesium and calcium. This increases sperm and strengthens the bone.

Pistachio: It contains iron, magnesium and zinc. This increase activeness and avoid baldness.

Makhana: It contains calcium, good fats and flavonoids. This strengthens the bones and reduces obesity.

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