Saturday, June 10, 2017

Health Benefits Of Fenugreek Seeds Mix With Honey

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Both fenugreek and honey have their own health benefits. The mixture of fenugreek and honey is beneficial to reduce obesity.

Health Benefits Of Fenugreek Seeds Mix With Honey

Fenugreek Seeds Mix With Honey
Weight: It increases metabolism of the body. This reduces weight.

Heart Problem: It doesn’t have cholesterol. This avoids heart problem.

Constipation: It contains fibers. This avoids constipation problem.

Weakness: The mixture of fenugreek seed with honey gives carbohydrate. This reduces weakness.

Anemia: It contains iron. This avoids anemia.

Brain Power
: It contains vitamin B6. This increases mind power.

Teeth: Fenugreek seed contains phosphorus. This strengthens the teeth. It avoids gum problem.

Healthy Skin: It contains zinc and copper. These increases shine of the skin and reduces hair fall.

Joint Pain: It has anti-inflammatory properties. This avoids joint pain.

BP: Fenugreek seed and honey has high amount of potassium. It is helpful to control BP.

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