Friday, June 2, 2017

Health Benefits Of Cardamom Drink

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For centuries, cardamom has been used in Chinese and ayurveda medicines. Cardamom is cold. Grind the cardamom. Boil it and filter it with sieve. Put sugar and keep it in the fridge. When you have to drink mix two teaspoons of juice in a glass of water. Put ice to cool it. You can drink lemon juice mixed with it.

Health Benefits Of Cardamom Drink

Cardamom Drink
It has high amount of fibers. It protects from stomach problem such as acidity.

Cardamom drink reduces cholesterol level. It protects from heart problem.

Drinking cardamom drink removes toxins from the body. It avoids kidney problem.

Cardamom drink gives moisture to the body. It reduces the effect of heat.

Cardamom drink contains anti-bacterial properties. It avoids skin problem such as pimples.

Cardamom drink contains diuretic properties. It avoids urine problem.

Cardamom drink contains vitamin C and iron. It avoids dullness occurs from heat.

Cardamom drink contains antispasmodic properties. The consumption of cardamom drink gives relief from hiccup.

Cardamom drink contains antidepressant properties. It calms the mind and avoids depression.

Cardamom drink contains anti-inflammatory properties. It avoids joint pain.

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