Thursday, June 8, 2017

[Guide] How to select the Best Mixer Grinder for Home Use?

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Mixer grinder is one of the essential appliances for Indian kitchen. As we Indian have many spices and things to mix to make food tasty and awesome, we all need mixer grinder at home. There are many Indian households who require mixer grinder but can’t buy it on their own because they don’t know how to select and what features you need to look like buying new mixer grinder. So, here is our guide, which will help you to select best brand wise, feature wise and price wise best mixer grinder.

Points to consider while Buying New Mixer Grinder in India

Mixer Grinder
In India, you will get many different brands of mixer grinder and of different price as well. But here are some points you can consider while buying new mixer grinder, take a look.


How much power you required, do you need powerful mixer grinder which breaks all kind of vegetables and other ingredients. We recommended you to go with high power mixer grinder which provides you up to 750 watts of power. The mixer grinder must have high watts of power (As the power of motor is measured in watts), we recommend you to go with 750 watts of mixer grinder. Preethi Zodiac MG 218 is the mixer grinder which has 750 watts of power and it is one of the highest selling mixer grinder in India.

With help of high watts of power and strong Jars of mixer grinder, you can mix anything in those jars. Strong jars with strong blades must have high capacity motor to cut short and mix things. So, always look for high watts of mixer grinder.

Extra Jars

Every mixer grinder to come along with different kinds of jars. Try to buy the mixer grinder which has maximum jars. Like one jar for juicer, one for common use, one for mill and one for chutney jar. Like Panasonic MX-AC400 comes with 4 different jar of 1 Liter of blender, 650ml of juicer jar and one 200 ml of chutney jar. With different jars, you can do multiple works at easiest thing.

For Indian kitchen, we have multiple dishes which need different kind of juicing, mixing and chopping work. So, we recommend you to go with high capacity and different Jar option mixer grinder.


Though not many understand the importance of this but we must go for the mixer grinder which has strong blades. If you want to have strong and efficient mixing, you must go for the mixer grinder which provides you stainless steel blades for every jars. Prestige Elegant mixer grinder comes with 4 different super efficient blades which helps you to mix all ingredients according to your need.

So, you must look for the kind of blades provided in mixer jars. If they have low quality steel or plastic blades, simply ignore it.


In india, you will get different brands of mixer grinders. But very few brands are popular and worth buying. Brands like Panasonic, Preethi Zodiac, prestige, bajaj are good to buy with. They are having large network of service station, which helps you to get repair your appliance in easiest way in case it gets break down.  Bajaj is good brand with having low cost mixer grinder, i.e Bajaj Rex mixer grinder, under Rs.1777, one of the most reputed brand in mixer grinder.

Warranty on product

As mentioned above, we must look for good brand of appliance which provides better warranty of the product. As you are investing in big appliance, you must get good return of your money. We recommend having your mixer grinder minimum 1 year of warranty. Some brands provide 5 years of warranty on motor and 2 years on the product. Like on Preethi Zodiac MG 218, you get 5+2 years of warranty.

Price of Mixer Grinder

Do check and compare the different price of the mixer grinder on the different sites. You can go and search on amazon india to get the best price for the mixer grinder. You can get best mixer grinder under price of 5000-6000 easily. This way, you can buy low priced and good brand of mixer grinder for your home usage. 

These are the points you need to consider while buying new mixer grinder in India. Hope these points will help you to buy better mixer grinder and you get good value of your money. You can also buy new mixer grinder buy just visiting any shopping website and consider these points.


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