Friday, June 23, 2017

Benefits Of Lemon To Keep In Freezer

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After buying lemon, we usually kept in the fridge. But lemon peel becomes dry. This reduces the amount of nutrients in lemon.

Benefits Of Lemon To Keep In Freezer


- Lemon peel contains pectin. This reduces weight.

- Lemon peel has 10 times more vitamin C than its juice. This reduces weakness.

- Lemon peel contains anti-bacterial properties. This avoids skin problem such as pimples.

- Lemon peel has high amount of potassium than its juice. This avoids heart problem.

- Lemon peel has more calcium than its juice. This strengthens the bones.

- Lemon peel contains fibers. This is beneficial in stomach problem such as constipation.

- Lemon peel has high amount of beta carotene. This keeps eyes healthy.

- Lemon peel contains limonene. This avoids cancer.

- Lemon peel contains folate. It is beneficial in pregnancy.

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