Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Healthy Way To Eat Mango In Summer

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There are many benefits of having mango. But when it mixes with other healthy foods, its health benefits increase.

Healthy Way To Eat Mango In Summer

Mango Shake: Mango contains iron and milk contains protein. Muscles become strong with mango shake. It reduces anemia problem.

Mango & Nuts: Mango contains vitamin B and nuts contain anti-oxidants. The combination of mango and nuts increase the glow of skin and increase the memory.

Fruit Salad & Mango: Mango contains fibers. Fruit salad contain banana, which has potassium and calcium. It improves digestion and protects us from heart diseases. It increases the memory.

Mango & Yogurt
: Mango contains fiber and yogurt has good bacteria. The combination of mango with yogurt improves digestion. It is also beneficial in stomach problem.

Mango Ice-cream
: Mango has protein and iron. Milk has calcium. It is beneficial in joint pain and strengthens the muscles.

Mango & Black Salt
: Mango has fibers and black salt has anti-bacterial property. It is beneficial in gastric problem. It keeps skin healthy.

Mango Murabba
: It is made from mango with sugar. It is energetic and gives energy. It is very beneficial for children in summer season.

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