Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Healthy Combination Benefits Of Curd

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Yogurt has pro-biotic means good bacteria, calcium and minerals.

Healthy Combination Benefits Of Curd

Combination Benefits Of Curd
Yogurt, Black Salt & Cumin: It is the best combination with yogurt. It increases appetite and improves digestion.

Yogurt & Honey: It works as an anti-biotic. It is the beneficial to cure mouth ulcer.

Yogurt, Black Salt, Pepper & Cumin: This combination is very good for weight loss. It burns extra fat.

Yogurt, Sugar & Dry Fruits: The mixture of yogurt, sugar and dry fruits reduce the weakness. It is helpful to increase weight.

Yogurt & Celery: The mixture of celery and yogurt is beneficial in piles.

Yogurt & Rice: The mixture of yogurt and rice is beneficial in migraine.

Yogurt & Saunf: The mixture of yogurt, saunf and sugar is beneficial in stomach irritation and insomnia.

Yogurt & Oats: This combination has calcium, potassium and protein. It strengthens the bones and muscles.

Yogurt & Isabgul: This combination is beneficial to cure constipation. It is also helpful to reduce cholesterol.

Yogurt & Banana: This combination controls BP. It is also beneficial in many stomach problems.

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