Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Health Benefits Of Soaked Poppy Seeds

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Soak poppy seed in water. It reduces its heating quality. It has many nutrients, which are beneficial for health.

Health Benefits Of Soaked Poppy Seeds

Poppy Seeds
Heart Problem: Poppy seeds control cholesterol. It protects from heart problem.

Anemia: Poppy seeds contain iron. It protects from anemia.

Mind Power: Poppy seeds contain vitamin B6. It increases mind power.

Teeth: Poppy seed contains phosphorus. It strengthens the bones. It protects from gum problem.

Blood Pressure: Poppy seed contains high amount of potassium. It controls BP.

Digestion: Poppy seed contains fibers. It is beneficial in constipation and improves digestion.

Joint Pain: Poppy seed contains alkalide. It protects from joint pain.

Wrinkles: Poppy seed contains anti-oxidants. It increases glow of skin.

Stone: Poppy seed contains oxalates. It prevents calcium absorption in the body and protects from stone.

Cold-Cough: Poppy seed contains opium alkalide. It protects from cold-cough.

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